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Automatically Book new Wedding Clients with Auto-Book! Digitizing your Wedding Businesses workflow will save TIME, MONEY and INCREASE bookings.  It will also keep your customers happy and more likely to leave a positive review because the process was so easy for them.  Save your time to focus on providing clients with your skills and do what you do best.  Online tools to simplify your booking, planning and scheduling process: Instant Quote Tool, Online Booking Form, Online Planning Tools, and Online Payment Options. All the tools can be embedded into your current web site.

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Quote Tool

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Potential customers use this tool to help them see, compare and choose the packages and options that they want.  This also helps to alleviate meeting time, eliminate price shoppers that won't book your services, and streamline your business to free up time.  The quote tool still creates the ability to collect a potential customers information when they submit the form so you can follow up. By simply stating that discounts may apply or by offering a bundle discount, potential customers will still want to submit the form even if your prices aren't in their budget range.

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Wedding Quote Tool


Following up is easy.  Reach out to the client via email or phone, whatever their preference is, and close the sale.  ALWAYS email them more information about your business, the booking process, deposit amount, and the link to the booking form. You can even create email templates to send to your customers for a faster response time.


The form can be completely customized to suit your needs and service(s).

Booking Tool

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Potential customers use this tool to complete the booking process.  All of the terms and conditions of your agreement are included in the booking form so clients can review them.  They click a box to agree to the terms and type their name in lieu of signing a printed agreement.  You receive the booking form via email and you can send them a copy as well.  To make it even more official, you can copy and paste the submitted form into a word template and send them a PDF version.  email booking form as is  |  formatted agreement

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After completing the booking form, clients are redirected to a thank you page where they can complete their deposit or payment in full.

The form can be completely customized to suit your needs and service(s).

Wedding Booking Tool

Wedding Payment Tool

After completion of the booking form, simply reply with more information and confirmation.


Online Planning Tool

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This tool allows you to collect all the information you need to provide services to your new customer.  They complete all the questions and submit the form. Just like the quote tool and booking form, it gets submitted to you via email.  You may send the customer a copy and follow up with any questions you have.  This tool can eliminate nearly all unnecessary communication with your customer, and even completely eliminate the need for any meetings or consultations.  see samples: emailed planner as is  |  formatted planner

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The form can be completely customized to suit your needs and service(s).

Wedding Planning Tool

Payment Tool

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Just send the link to the payment page on your web site and follow up to let the client know that you have received their payment.  Simply send them the payment link and the amount remaining.  If they haven't completed the planner, you can include the link to your online planner as well.

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The page can be completely customized to match the payment options you want to offer.

Wedding Payment Tool