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Mn Pro Dj Site OptimizationMinnesota Pro DJ Service

Wedding Business success is not an easy task. The owner of MN Pro DJ was ill a few years ago and had to go out of business.  Recovering from the illness took nearly a year and a half. Upon recovery, the owner decided to start the business back up again with a new name and new goals. The owners first web site and marketing campaign booked just a few events. After Digital Lead Source implemented a new digital campaign and did a complete website make-over, the bookings nearly tripled the first year and nearly doubled every year after that.  This success was achieved with a very low investment that is more than worth it's weight in gold! Optimized ROI equals success!

with the ongoing marketing strategies in place, the web site is still on page 1 of google for several search phrases. No Adwords fee's and very low fee's period!

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Web Design and Op[timization Case Study

Head of the Lakes Resort

New owners had purchased Head of the Lakes Resort and had a very outdated and incomplete website. They know that they needed a web presence that was appealing to potential clients the second they saw the website and that these potential clients would feel welcomed by the natural feel and atmosphere that their resort offered.



Being new owners, they wanted to make sure that they were easy to find for all the major searches potential clients would use to find a resort in their area.  Digital Lead Source was able to optimize the entire site and achieve unparalleled success at getting their site to the top of all the major searches for the main keyword phrases Head of the Lakes owners hoped to get and many more!

Below is a chart showing some of the major "Keyword/Phrase Searches" that potential customers would most likely enter into a search engine to find Head of the Lakes Resort. It also shows the "Search Result" (which page and the position on that page that www.headofthelakesresort.com appears when performing the related Keyword/Phrase Search).




Web Design Sample

Hunting Raccoon 101

Raccoon Hunting 101 was created to share the knowledge and experiences of traditional Raccoon Hunters. The entire web marketing and design was created from scratch. Google adsense was implemented to make some extra cash from selling ads.

Today, Hunting Raccoon 101 sits at number one for nearly all major searches related to Raccoon/Raccoon Hunting. The site receives nearly 200 visits a day from around the world!